Top 4 Video Players for Android in 2022

Top 4 Video Players for Android in 2022

Hello Friends This is a great day for you, in this article I’m going to talk about the top android video players. Also, all apps aren’t the same each app is unique and unique due to its capabilities. So, without wasting time, let’s start our article.

1. Mx Player

Mx Player can be a efficient video player. I’m sure you’re already using it. If you’re not, I suggest that you make use of this player due to its capabilities. There are a variety of features within this application. The app comes with several additional options. It also lets you customize the interface. So, without wasting time, we’ll discuss the features it has.


With this application you’ll find many options. Mx Player supports all formats and can play any video. However, there are one or two formats not available within this application as well as that of the .ts file. However, this is the most effective player. You can change the size of your video, and you can even zoom in on the video. You can play the video rapid or slow motion. The application also allows PIP which lets you view your video and complete your work with another app easily.

The app comes with an equalizer which enhances your audio experience. It’s the most effective video player, no doubt about it but I personally utilize it because of its equalizer. Along using the playback feature. You can listen to audio from video and the equalizer makes it easier to pick your favorite music. There are plenty of other features to download and play it. I am certain that you’ll love it.

Download this application via Play Store Play Store or from the download button.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is known for its capabilities. Most of the time, it is used on the PC, however its android app is amazing. It has one feature that no other players feature which makes it stronger. It isn’t the typical player. It is, in my opinion, more effective in comparison to MX Player and it is due to its features. That’s enough to keep you guessing, let’s look at its strengths.


I’ve told you that you can apply numerous effects to the MX player when playing videos. The player isn’t able to offer these types of effects. However, it is extremely robust and comes with certain features that other applications do not have. It supports all the formats for video, including .ts files as well as the other types of formats other apps do not support.

It’s a very fluid player, and it includes all the features MX player comes with, such as zoom or video resizing and speeding up the video, slow speed of video clips, equalizer and nearly all the features other players do not have. Vlc also comes with the pip feature that lets you complete other tasks while watching your video. You can play any music in audio format and is able to apply an equalizer. These are just a few of the features available in this application. Install the app in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is possible to download the application via Play Store Play Store or from the download button.

KM Player is also available for both Android and Windows as is VLC Media Player. It’s also an app that has some exclusive features, and just like you, I don’t introduce any other app that’s the same as. The unique feature it has is amazing. I would like you to try this Player since after you have learned about the features, you’ll download the Player and utilize it. This is an abundance of suspense Let’s look at the features it has.


KM Player has all the features that all Player comes with, just like the other formats that are supported, such as fast-forwarding and slow-motioning the video, and resizing and zooming in the videos. There is also an equalizer to provide a greater audio experience. Additionally, you will discover each and every feature of this player that all regular player has. We are now ready to unveil the exclusive features of this application.

The KM player comes with an exclusive feature. By using this feature , you are able to play any video online in your player providing the video’s URL. Although this might be something you are used to, but however there’s something unique. You can play video with torrent files and URLs.With this program it is possible to stream video torrents without having to download the files. There will be no lag or buffering when playing the video. The app is truly amazing and its features are incredible. This feature makes the app stronger and more distinct than other competitors. I am sure you will be impressed by this application. You need to give it a try to get a better streaming video experience online.

Download this application through Play Store Play Store or from the download button.

4. Multi Screen Video Player

Multi-Screen Players is also an important app, as well as a effective application. You’ll notice that I’m talking about players that offer characteristics that other players do not include. I will talk about the apps that are distinctive and powerful Multi-screen Player is just one of the latter. So, let me present to you its capabilities.


Multi-Screen Video Player comes with features that all normal users have. You can play video in any format, zoom or resize the video, use built-in the ability to adjust brightness, volume and volume speed-forward or slow to the speed of video and many other features that you’ve already experienced. The app’s name is Multi-Screen Video Player which means that you are able to play several videos on one player. This is helpful in the event that you wish to view several videos simultaneously on your android phone. This app can play four screens at the same time. This means you can watch four videos simultaneously with this player. This is the advantage of this application.

It is possible to download the application via Play Store Play Store or from the download button.

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